Keep Going

‘Today promises to be a rough day…But the dawn will come tomorrow, the sun will rise.

And so shall I.”

I wrote those words months and months ago. It was a simple post on Facebook. I knew I had a rough day ahead of me and I was writing a simple line of encouragement to myself right there online.

I put those words online because I understood others might be having a bad day. We never know exactly what battles others may be fighting. Life is hard, not just for us in our self-centered ways but for everyone. We all need a hand at times.

I find encouragement in the words of those that came before me. Words have power. A simple line of prose can be so inspirational. And I found just the words I needed.

“If you are going through hell, Keep Going”-Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill: the English Bulldog, the once Prime Minister of Great Britain during World War Two. Churchill has always been a hero of mine. And those words are so simple while at the same time exactly what I needed.

Just keep going, just persevere. This is a man who lead his country through an incredibly difficult time. Try and imagine a world where your nightly ritual includes scores of planes flying over your greatest city dropping bombs, dropping death from the sky. It is nearly impossible to imagine what the people of London went through during the blitz. It is entirely possible that Churchill knew exactly what it would be like to go through hell. But he kept going.

No matter how bad our troubles seem we can keep going. We can persevere. It is up to us if these challenges will take us down or lift us up to greater heights.

When the day is over the dawn does come. The sun does rise. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going.

I know I shall.


The One True…Guy.

Everyone has a favorite. Whether it is a sports team or a band or even a favorite Green Lantern.

There are so many to choose from. Many would pick Hal Jordan, who has been the main Green Lantern in my lifetime. Others love John Stewart or Kyle Rayner. There are those among us that simple love the bad guy, Sinestro is their flag bearer. For me there is only one choice. I simply have to go with the one true Lantern, Guy Gardner.

I know he can be insufferable and arrogant but that is why we love him. He is also loyal, brave and would rather die than fail. His arrogance often seems to cover insecurity. He knows he is a hero, but unfortunately he has often been passed over for others. When Abin Sur crashed to earth Guy was the first choice but Hal Jordan was simply closer and time was an issue. Later on Guy suffered an accident and John Stewart got the call. Others might use this as a reason to prove themselves. Not Guy, he is so convinced that he is the superior hero it often brings him into conflict with other heroes.

Like Batman.

Like Superman.

He goes after the big dogs.

But he has persevered. He has served proudly as a key member of the Green Lantern Corps. He has led the Red Lantern Corps. When he was stripped of his Green Lantern ring he crossed galaxies to claim Sinestro’s yellow power ring. He will go to any lengths to be a hero. Ted Kord (you know Blue Beetle) even built him a suit to continue his heroic career.

He was meant to be a hero, powers or not.

Today he is the leader of the Red Lanterns with a showdown with their former leader Atrocitus on the horizon. It has been suggested that only one will survive. That would be a shame. These characters are too wonderful to just cast away.

If I was writing it I would give the Red Lanterns back to Atrocitus. Yes I would have Guy fall short in this battle. If only because I believe he has a wonderful future beyond the shiny trinkets of the various Lantern groups.

As I have said before Guy is a true hero. One who does not need a power ring to define him. And I believe these rings of the emotional spectrum have defined him for far to long.

I have always loved the good old-fashioned space hero. Your Buck Rogers, your Flash Gordon. Here is where Guy’s destiny surely lies. Let him acquire a fast space ship. Give him a new costume (I’m thinking dark green and red with yellow lines to remind him of where he has been) and a jet pack. Let him be the one true space hero that the DC Universe needs. Enough of leaving the spaceways to the various lantern groups.

The One True Guy has arrived…