Keep Going

‘Today promises to be a rough day…But the dawn will come tomorrow, the sun will rise.

And so shall I.”

I wrote those words months and months ago. It was a simple post on Facebook. I knew I had a rough day ahead of me and I was writing a simple line of encouragement to myself right there online.

I put those words online because I understood others might be having a bad day. We never know exactly what battles others may be fighting. Life is hard, not just for us in our self-centered ways but for everyone. We all need a hand at times.

I find encouragement in the words of those that came before me. Words have power. A simple line of prose can be so inspirational. And I found just the words I needed.

“If you are going through hell, Keep Going”-Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill: the English Bulldog, the once Prime Minister of Great Britain during World War Two. Churchill has always been a hero of mine. And those words are so simple while at the same time exactly what I needed.

Just keep going, just persevere. This is a man who lead his country through an incredibly difficult time. Try and imagine a world where your nightly ritual includes scores of planes flying over your greatest city dropping bombs, dropping death from the sky. It is nearly impossible to imagine what the people of London went through during the blitz. It is entirely possible that Churchill knew exactly what it would be like to go through hell. But he kept going.

No matter how bad our troubles seem we can keep going. We can persevere. It is up to us if these challenges will take us down or lift us up to greater heights.

When the day is over the dawn does come. The sun does rise. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going.

I know I shall.


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