Way Too Early Super Bowl Picks.

It is early. Way too early.

Training camps are just starting. Players working hard to get in shape for the long hard journey towards that elusive championship. Coaches sifting through their rosters in the hopes of finding that perfect combination of youth and experience that will serve them well through the NFL season.

We are still in the midst of the never-ending Deflategate saga. I think all of us are ready for football.

So yes it is early to be making Super Bowl picks. But make them I will.

The easy choices are there: The New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks could repeat. The Indianapolis Colts seem to be on the cusp. The Green Bay Packers and Denver Broncos are clearly in play. Those are the obvious picks. I am sure that some combination will be pushed by the national media all season long.

The thing is: I am not the national media.

There is no narrative to push, no ratings to spike. There is just me sitting here following my gut.

My gut says that sometimes a rematch is just what we need. Even if it is a rematch of a game more than forty years ago.

Super Bowl VI the matchup of the Miami Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys on January 16, 1972. It was the stumbling beginning of the Dolphins championship aspirations. Yes they lost 24-3 in New Orleans but it showed they were ready for bigger and better things which would appear the very next season.

So how do we go from Super Bowl VI to Super Bowl 50. Why would the 2015 versions of the Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys make the jump to the big game?

Because it is time. Last year both teams made strides. They made jumps forward showing they could play with the big boys. Dallas has a veteran QB in Tony Romo who is looking for his last chance at glory, in Ryan Tannehill the Dolphins have an ascending talent leading the offense. That can be enough. Injuries will surely make a difference, as they did last year. But either team can make it happen. Question is will they.

It is way to early but I am looking to see the Cowboys and Dolphins in the San Francisco area for the 50th Super Bowl.

Wouldn’t it be great if I was right?


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