Miami Dolphins: Sometimes It Is Ugly

The first game is in the books.

One game. One win.

Just like everyone expected, right?

Actually no. Few expected the game to look like it did. Most expected domination by the Miami Dolphins, a blowout. No one believed the Washington Redskins had a chance.

That is why we play the games on a field, not just on paper. Fans often forget the other team gets paid too. The other players are among the best in the world. Nothing is promised.

There were struggles: offensively and defensively. Cut blocks and chop blocks frustrated the defensive line for much of the first half. That led to Washington controlling the ball for 38 minutes of the game. The Dolphins offense took time to get in a rhythm. Ryan Tannehill only had 57 plays, only 22 minutes to work with a new group of receivers in their first real action of the season.

Rust was inevitable.

Jarvis Landry showed that not everyone would struggle. Even without the punt return that would give Miami the lead Landry was a force. Every time he touched the ball he made the defense stop him, fighting for every yard. Without him there may have been a very different result.

A win is a win, even an ugly one. Fighting through adversity is a good thing. There will be tough games later this season. Learning to grind your way to victory on your worst day only helps to prepare the team for the best.

Take the Washington game for what it is…a lesson. Work on the mistakes. In a word-Be Better.


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