Take a Breath.

“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”-Chicken Little

That is the mantra of this young season. Many Miami Dolphins fans already want to thrown in the towel after only two, admittedly uneven games.

This is the same team everyone had high hopes for. Not just the fans. Not only the team and local media. Nationwide there were high expectations for the Dolphins this season.

Ryan Tannehill was going to take the next step. Ndamukong Suh was going to turn the defense into a primal force. The entire franchise was going return to past glories.

And now…

Was it all some sort of a fever dream?

Has everything fallen completely apart?

No it has not. If you believed a month ago that this team could compete with the best in the league then you should believe that now. There is simply not enough tape to say one way or the other. The Dolphins are not alone, in this young season few teams have shown enough to say what they are.

The problems are clear: a defense which gets pushed around in the first half, no running game and penalties, penalties and more penalties.

The penalties are important. The Dolphins have had over 100yds in penalties in each of the first two games. That is noteworthy. This was the third least penalized team last season. The Dolphins are not alone with the penalties. Last week there were 2659 penalty yards, an absolutely ridiculous amount. In Miami’s case penalties are erasing any good plays that come their way.

If the Dolphins can cut down on the penalties it may help get the rest of the team healthy. Getting off the field in third down is a great cure for any defense. While 2nd or 3rd and long are quite a challenge for creating a successful running game.

This team needs to take a breath and relax. Take care of what you can. You do not have to be perfect.

Just take a breath and take care of business.


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