Fool’s Gold

We take a break from the regularly scheduled #PhilbinWatch to bring you this-Bwahahaha

This is no laughing matter…but sometimes to have to find the funny. Just to get through the day.

Miami fans are frustrated. The players are frustrated. The coaches damn well better be frustrated. This is not how the first quarter of the season was supposed to go.

It is not just the losses, it is the way the Dolphins are losing. Opposing quarterbacks and running backs are having career games against this defense, every single week. It is not just one team, one week. It is Every. Single. Week.

Ryan Tannehill is being slapped around like a red-headed stepchild. Lamar Miller might as well join the witness protection program for as often as we have seen him. The offensive line leaks like a sieve. Things have not gone well down in South Beach.

This is not the product we were sold during preseason.

In preseason the first team offense marched down the field, scoring at will. Everyone witnessed a fierce defense during those ‘practice’ games. How fierce? Matt Ryan, starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, looked like he wanted to retire after a quarter of having Ndamukong Suh, Cameron Wake and company harass him. The starters looked fantastic. It was the depth that was a concern.

Fool’s Gold.

It looked like the real thing. It was not. This team has been much more representative of the struggling backups we saw than the impressive first team.

At the end of the day is that what this team really is?

Is it simply a collection of talented athletes, but not an actual team?

We do not want to see the fool’s gold any longer. Give us the fans, the players, the entire organization a team that lives up to the best of its abilities.

Let us see at least a glimpse of what we thought we saw before.


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