Pick Up the Helmet

The Miami Dolphins started the season 1-3. The fans, rightfully so, wanted blood. They were offered a sacrifice.

Head coach Joe Philbin and defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle were fired last week.

Only problem is that when you feed the beast it just wants more.

Now with the coaches fans wanted gone shown the door many fans have turned on the players. First man up is quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Fans are frustrated understandably, however their anger may be misdirected. Yes Tannehill could play better, so could 52 other players on the roster.

In fact unless your name is Reshad Jones or Jarvis Landry as a player you should be taking a hard look at yourself. It is not one player making mistakes causing problems, it is all over the place.

Sometimes it is the defensive line, other times a tackle whiffs on a block letting the quarterback get killed. Receivers dropping passes, players getting ill-timed penalties, backs hitting the wrong hole. The team has been stuck in the one step forward-two steps back rut all season long.

There is no easy fix. Players need to win the battle in front of them. If they cannot play for the name on the front of the jersey, fight for the name on the back. Show some pride.

They have had those helmets knocked off their heads thus far this season.

Time to pick up the helmet and go to work.


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