The Little Things

Every football coach stressed technique. All coaches talk about execution. From Lombardi to Shula, from Bill Belichick to Dan Campbell they focus on the little things.

Often fans and media want to dissect the box score. So many love the big plays, the big hits.

They want the shiny.

The shiny does not win games. The shiny does not exist-not without the little things.

On Thursday night the New England Patriots beat the Miami Dolphins 36-7.

Looking at the final score many would call it a dominant performance. It was more efficient than anything. There were not a bunch of big plays, the defense was not suffocating. Simply put the Patriots did the little things throughout. The Dolphins did not do enough.

During Rob Gronkowski’s 47-yd touchdown reception they did the little things to make a good play into a great play. First Gronk broke the initial tackle, then when he worked his way downfield the rest of the team ran downfield to block. Not so unlike Jarvis Landry’s catch and run against the Texans. The little things made the difference.

Just by doing the job in front of them teams can go from good to great.

Stop doing the little things and games can get away from you quickly.

The little things…they are often the big things.


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