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The Voice

“The Earth has music for those who listen.” -William Shakespeare

The world sings. The melodies are all around. Coming from everywhere and nowhere all at once.

Do you hear the voice?

We all have a voice. Something that we identify with. Something that is uniquely ours.

We share that with the world even if you do not realize it.

Some find so many different ways to share that voice. For me it has been art, music, writing…all in their own way give me joy.

And I try to share that joy with the world.

But there are times when that voice goes silent. Life gets in the way. Static, distractions they take away the connection to that voice.

There are times I have put down the pencil, the guitar. Times I have locked this keyboard away. In those moments you wonder if you will pick them up again.

Have you changed?

Has that voice stopped talking to you?

The voice is always there. You simply have to let it find you again. It is not always the way it was.

I rarely play the guitar anymore. Time is scarce and my guitar gathers dust in the corner.

The art comes and goes. Pencils, pens, paper…scattered around my home. Sketches and concepts adorn the pages. Pieces waiting for me to finish them. Some have waited far too long.

So I write. And when I am not writing…I write. Stories, columns, thoughts…they multiply in my mind even when I am away from the keyboard. Filling up space until I dust them off to share with the world.

I hear the Voice.

It is screeching and howling.

It is beautiful.




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