Miami Dolphins: Foster is Coming

The Miami Dolphins finally have their back.

After an off-season of searching the Dolphins signed running back Arian Foster to a one year deal.

A very team friendly deal, $1.5 million with another $2 million he can make in incentives. The Dolphins have made deals like this in recent years. Prove it deals for veterans coming off of injuries.

The most noteworthy of these deals were for Brent Grimes and Knowshon Moreno. With differing results.

While for some Knowshon Moreno’s tenure with the Dolphins may have been a disappointment-he only played in three games before injuries ended his career. But that first game, that first game was a revelation. Twenty-four carries for 134 yards and a touchdown in the first game of the 2014 season against the New England Patriots. Lamar Miller would take over the running duties for the rest of the season right up until he left in free agency this year.

For Brent Grimes it was a career resurgence. Coming to Miami from the Atlanta Falcons following an injury the season before no one knew what to expect from Grimes. The undersized corner played among the elite during his three seasons with the Dolphins providing 13 interceptions and 2 touchdowns. While his last season was not up to his previous standards he still showed the ability to start in this league. His departure from Miami may have had as much to do with his wife’s outspoken nature as his diminishing skills.

Arian Foster could follow either of these paths. There are obvious injury concerns as he has not played all 16 games in a season since 2012. Him suffering another setback would not be a terrible surprise.

Foster is not being asked to be the bell cow back though. While he may end up as the starter the Dolphins are also very high on second year back Jay Ajayi. Ideally there should be some sharing of duties so that if injury does strike disaster should not follow.

One of the better parts of Foster joining the team is not simply his running or catching the ball but in how he can show the young backs how to be a pro. That part is simply invaluable.

In whatever way Arian Foster does contribute I look forward to watching it play out over the next few months.