Miami Dolphins: Bang the Drum

Two weeks into preseason and what do we know?

Nothing. That is what we know.

Did you really expect anything more?

There is very little you can truly tell from limited snaps and vanilla schemes. Seeing the players competing is nice but it is best not to get too excited about anything you see. You should also not hit the panic button either.

So leading up to the third game what is there to do?

Bang The Drum

Every year we see players in the preseason that excite us. Players that we want to succeed. It does not necessarily mean they ascend to the starting lineup. We just want to see more.
We bang the drum for them. Much like during the draft there are players we would stand on a table calling for in preseason we all pick players we would pound the table, bang the drum for them to just be given the opportunity to impress.

I have two. One on offense, One on defense.

On offense it was actually real easy for me to decide. While many fans have fallen in love with Jakeem Grant I am not quite there yet. He is exciting and shiny but I still need to see more. My pick on offense is running back Isaiah Pead. He may have started as just a camp body, expected to be churned by the first cuts, but he refuses to go away. While it is a small sample size Pead has been more impressive than any other back on the roster. More chances with the ones are expected and if he continues to impress he can guarantee a roster spot. He may even work his way into the starting rotation.

Anyone who has read my columns over the last few years or who follows me on twitter should have a pretty good idea who my next pick is. Mike Hull. Second year linebacker from Penn State. Much like Isaiah Pead, Hull has looked better than most of the rest of the linebacking corps. Yes he is playing against the backups and he is still a little raw. That is true, but he is also making plays everytime he is given a chance. He deserves the call up. He should be the first linebacker off the bench and in time I believe he will be.

This Thursday in Orlando(and I will be there) I will be banging the drum for each of these men. What about you?