Miami Dolphins: Growing Pains

I have never been a fan of moral victories. As Herm Edwards(who I love) once said:

“You play to win the game!”

Even in a hard-fought game like the Miami Dolphins played against the Seattle Seahawks that moral victory ring hollow. I know they are tough to beat at CenturyLink Field. I understand they were favored by, what, ten points. Losing a close game 12-10 just tells me that we should have won. The Dolphins let them up off the mat.

Mistakes were made. An incredibly bad drop by Kenny Stills. A blocked field goal. Ill-timed penalties. You simply cannot have that on the road against a team like the Seahawks.

That is not to say there are not positives to take from a close loss. There are always things to learn from.

We learned that at least for one game this Dolphins team is not going to be bullied by physical teams.

We learned that the secondary is not the horrible black hole of sucking some fans feared it would be. In fact I thought rookie Xavian Howard looked very good in his first game(especially considering he missed most of the preseason).

We learned that first time head coach Adam Gase has some stones. While some criticized his going for it on fourth and one instead of kicking the field goal I applaud him for it. That is the kind of playcall that changes a teams culture. And next time(and there will be a next time) they will get that first down.

There will be growing pains, there always are. But these first tentative steps were promising.

Now the hard part. Going cross-country to face the Patriots in Foxboro. Things do not get any easier. Time to see what they learned.

Time to grow.




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