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Batman V Superman: World’s Finest

Someone asked me last week: Why are they having Superman and Batman fight each other in the new movie?

Why not?

It makes sense. The self-made man v the alien powerhouse. One thrives in the dark, the other literally is powered by the light.

Would you expect these two characters to get along off the bat? You put two alphas in the room they will scrap.

And it is a legendary matchup.

It is Yankees v Red Sox.

It is Ali-Frazier.

It is the big one.

The allure of putting these two at each others throat is simple: While both are heroes their methods could not be more different.

Fear. Intimidation. Brute force. Those are Batman’s tools. He is after all only human. He is not an invulnerable alien. There are shortcuts that he simply must take. Even while never taking the ultimate shortcut-he does not kill.

Superman can sit back and be the boy scout. Common criminals simply cannot hurt him. Some of his lofty morals come from knowing he is in no real danger.

At heart both men want the same thing. They want to protect the innocent. To help their fellow-man. Bruce does not want anyone to go through what he went through as a child. His obsessive pursuit of justice drives him right to the edge. Clark. Well with Clark it is more simple. Raised by Ma and Pa Kent he is a good man. A good man with incredible powers. Not using them to help others would not make any sense to him. There is a reason he was given those powers and for him that reason is to protect those that cannot protect themselves.

Clark is optimistic, glass half full. Bruce is so cynical that the glass is not there at all.

It is easy to see how they could be rivals or even enemies. It is easier still to see how they would be friends.

Who else could understand what each man must go through in his own personal crusade?

They are the worlds greatest heroes. These adversaries. And one day they could be the best of friends.

For now they are simple the World’s Finest.

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Batman V. Superman: Doomsday

In a few short days Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will premier. So very many things to look forward to. Today I choose to look at one of the villains: Doomsday.

Introduced in 1992s ‘Death of Superman’ storyline, Doomsday was a force of nature. Plowing through hero after hero until he faced Superman alone. Genetically created(thousands of years ago on Krypton) to be the ultimate survivor-Doomsday can never be beaten the same way twice.  Finally, after realizing there was no other way to beat him, Superman beat Doomsday to death with his dying breath. Of course both characters would eventually return.

When the first trailers of the upcoming movie appeared some fans complained. You see this Doomsday’s origin is different from the comics. From what we think we know the movie Doomsday will be created by Lex Luthor using the corpse of Zod from ‘Man of Steel’. This will be Lex Luthor’s Frankenstein monster. And for some this is unacceptable.

Me? I think it is awesome. Using the original version could be problematic in the movies. Taking a page from ‘the Modern Prometheus’ is brilliant. Prometheus stole fire from the gods to give to mankind. What better way to fight Superman than stealing from the gods again by reanimating Zod?

With one simple change you give new life to the Luthor/Superman dynamic while also creating someone who could rival the Kryptonian’s power levels. You also create a battle which would necessitate Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman teaming up.

And isn’t that what we all really want?