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The Attack of the 50-foot Trailers

Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out May 1st. It marks the beginning of the blockbuster movie season. Blockbuster movies mean trailers.

I love trailers. I always get to the movies early so I can see each and every trailer. Even if somehow the movie disappoints at least I get to salivate over movies coming soon.

Recently the studios have released the first trailers for both Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

These releases should be met with excitement and a sense of wonder. Maybe I am simply a glass half-full kind of guy. These little glimpses of what the future holds give me hope for great movies to come. That is not the case for everyone.

I saw people criticizing the trailers. Holding up these trailers as evidence for how these movies will suck, how they will disappoint.

When did we become so cynical as a society?

It seems more and more that supposed fans just want a reason to hate and complain about any new movie, new story.

Some simply fondly remember past versions of these franchises. There is so much joy these franchises have given us. That does not mean the new versions cannot give us great epic stories. We simply need to allow them the chance.

So with the trailers for Star Wars, Batman vs Superman and whatever the next trailer we are treated to I only look to the future. I look to the great possibilities they hold within them.

While we cannot go back to our youth and discover these things again, we can take the blinders off and find the wonder we have lost.

Bring on the Trailers…



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Guardians of the Galaxy-buncha losers…

A talking raccoon and a tree walk into a bar…

I was sold on this movie from the get go. Not from the first scenes, not even from the first trailers they released. But from the very first I heard that the movie was being made. They had me from the word go.

When it was announced the Guardians of the Galaxy would star a walking tree of few words and a sarcastic raccoon many were beyond skeptical. Me, I thought it was brilliant. Yes I already had some familiarity with the characters, even without that I loved it.

It is fun. That is all. Fun. Too often movies miss out on that element of film-making, the joy.

What brought me in was not that we had another superhero movie, it was that it was a space hero movie. From Star Wars to Star Trek and beyond I love sci-fi and space movies. I cut my teeth on Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers on TV in the early eighties. More recently I found unending joy in Firefly and Farscape (one of the best sci-fi series ever), even if both series ended before their time.

There are no true superhero movies. You just have movies staring superheroes. It is that simple. Whether it is a cop movie or fantasy or action-adventure story, simply add a superhero and you have your superhero movie.

What made this awesome was taking superheroes and putting them in space. All the questions about realism go out the window, because you are already taking a leap of faith setting it in a far corner of the galaxy.

Guardians did a wonderful job of introducing unknown characters(to most of the audience) in short order. Even better it let you care about them. Yes it was heavy on the laughs, even in the face of danger. That is ok too. It is human, even if the characters are not.

Even after we get used to the jokes they managed to turn it around and shine a light on what loss these characters have suffered. Star Lord was taken from his home as a child, Gamora tortured and turned into a weapon by her adoptive father, Drax’s family was slaughtered, Rocket did not ask to be made and remade and experimented on. Groot is the purest of these characters. The best friend of Rocket he only speaks two sentences in the whole movie: “I am Groot” over and over again, and towards the end of the movie “We are Groot”. Groot had found his family. In the end they discover that they are each others family.

We all have been losers at one point or another. As Rocket said, “We all have dead people”. They come together because they are losers, people who have lost.

We could all learn something from these losers.

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One True Geek

I am a Geek.

And no that is not a bad thing. It is a great thing. A wonderful thing.

Geek: noun\ˈgēk\: a person who is very interested in and knows a lot about a particular field or activity

I was the kid talking about comics, then drawing them and writing them. That makes me a geek.

I also devoured every book I could get my hands on. From Stephen King to Jules Verne, from Raymond Chandler to Robert E. Howard, from Tim Dorsey to Sir Terry Pratchett. That makes me a geek.

In the spring I dive headfirst into the NFL Scouting Combine and pro days and free agency leading right up to all seven rounds of the NFL Draft. That makes me a geek.

We are all geeks. We all have things that we love. We obsess about. Things that matter. They surround us, support us, they create us in a million little ways.

Cherish them. Breathe life into them.

They build our worlds.

I am One True Geek.

And this is one geek world.